Road Salt

bags of ice melt


Ice Melt, while more expensive, offers several benefits over regular rock salt for your snow and ice melting needs. Ice melt is safer for concrete and paver areas and is less corrosive than rock salt, less damaging to vegetation, and safer for pets. The Ice-Melts we carry are colored for visualization and are effective in temperatures as low as -25º Fahrenheit.


High quality, snow shovels, made in the USA.

Are you tired of dealing with bags and bags of salt? We offer bulk sales, loading and delivery of rock salt. You can bring your own container whether it’s a bucket or a dump truck and we will fill it up!

Buying bulk salt means you don’t have to deal with bags anymore. We are an efficient and competitive option for landscapers and others who seasonally offer snow removal services, homeowners needing small amounts or commercial contractors needing large amounts of salt. Everybody pays the same price per unit.

Call us today to find out more and ask about our 24 hour emergency loading service: 717.866.2525.

Tractor Dumping Salt into a Salt Spreader Truck
Martin Landscape's Delivery Truck on a Snowy Road
Tractor Dumping Salt into a Salt Spreader Pickup